Adopt a shelter cat this month at Nebraska Humane Society

Adopt a shelter cat this month at Nebraska Humane Society
This cat has longer hair that needs to be combed

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June is "Adopt a Shelter Cat Month" and just in time! Mother cats and their babies have been arriving at the Nebraska Humane Society for the last couple months. They are getting back from their foster parents' care, getting spayed or neutered and vaccinated. These cats and kittens are now ready to join a safe home and loving family.

When picking a cat or kitten, you really should consider the time you will need to spend grooming your new pet. Every cat needs to be brushed at least once a week. They also need their nails clipped and ears cleaned once a month. Longer haired cats should be combed as well as brushed. Make sure to pick up layers of hair and comb under so you don't get just the top of your cat's coat. Places on your cat that are more susceptible to matting are: armpits, under his chin, and his lower back close to his tail. You can find grooming supplies for your cat at the Nebraska Humane Society gift shop. You will also find food, kitty litter, litter boxes and fun toys to keep your new friend healthy and happy. Don't forget to ask the gift shop staff about your ten percent discount for adopting from the shelter.

You can find out about adoptable cats on the NHS web site at and click on the adoptable cats tab. Or come down to the Nebraska Humane Society at 8929 Fort Streets to meet some great cats and kittens in person. Ask one of the very helpful adoption counselors about the shelter's new way of meeting the right cat for you; it's called "Meet Your Match."

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