ACTHA breaks Guinness Book record!

ACTHA breaks  Guinness Book  record!
Stepp Stables participants

On June 13, 2010 Stepp Stables located aboard Camp Pendleton was one of the chosen sites to host a world record attempt. ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) organized a competitive trail ride across the United States. The goal of the ride was to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of competitive trail riders all riding at the same time. Well, they did it. The standing record was 250 riders, ACTHA events that day had 1000 riders. Way to go!

Stepp Stables was very excited when asked to be a part of this wonderful event. The stables had a total of 69 riders, of those 57 were competitors and the remaining riders were "buddy riders" Buddy riders assist in fund raising efforts but do not ride in the obstacle portion of the event.

The ride was a 6 mile ride consisting of several obstacles to be navigated along the way. Some of the obstacles included walking over a tarp on the ground, over logs, across water, and down natural banks. The competitors did not know which obstacles would be on the course that day and therefore had to rely on previous training and experience to successfully complete the ride. Participants later said they loved the facility and the course. They are looking forward to being invited back again next year.

The riders who participated at the Stepp Stables event raised just under $4000, which is all being donated to the American Humane Society to be used exclusively for horse rescue. Every year, many horses in our country are being neglected and/or are in need of rescue from fires and floods. The generous donations from surrounding communities, animal lovers and organizations like ACTHA give these horses a second chance and the medical attention they desperately need. On June 13, 2010 ACTHA raised in excess of $1,000,000.

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