Accessories for nighttime walks in Brickell

Accessories for nighttime walks in Brickell
Lighted collars are a bright idea for nighttime walks through Brickell. (Christian, Leo, and Lucy)

Those of you who read me often know that I walk 3.5 miles through the streets of Brickell at or around 8pm. It is obviously dark out at that hour, and traffic in Brickell is rather steady. While we have had no bear misses and have heard no stories of dogs getting hit by cars in the neighborhood, I saw this product in the Pet Supermarket and thought it was a brilliant idea.

These lighted bands, made by a company called Polybrite, attach to the dog's existing collar with velcro strips. They have three settings (on, flashing, or off), and they work on a replaceable watch battery. They are supposed to be visible from a mile away, but I can only say that the folks at the Brickell Irish Pub told me that they saw us before we reached Segafredo. That is not close to a mile, but it is enough distance to do the job. I only needed to know that they are visible from far enough away for a car to be able to slow or brake when they see us. Of course we are careful to cross only when the traffic lights tell us to, but you can never be too sure about people waiting before turning right on red, or the Florida only left on red law (who has ever heard of such a thing?!), or people who just are not paying attention as they turn on a green light.

The lights have garnered a bit of attention from neighbors and passers- by, and I feel like they make a difference when we walk through the streets at night. They cost only about $6 each, and they should last a good long time. And they look pretty cool, too!

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