Abused German shepherd takes flight home following specialized surgery

Abused German shepherd takes flight home following specialized surgery

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Six months ago, Thor, a German shepherd mix, was enduring a painful life of abuse. On Thursday, he was flying home in first class courtesy of Alaska Airlines following specialized surgery on his jaw which took place in California.

Abused German shepherd takes flight home following specialized surgery

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Abused German shepherd takes flight home following specialized surgery

Life has changed greatly for the young dog.

Thor is believed to have been severely beaten prior to being rescued by the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The trauma which happened prior to his rescue left his jaw locked closed due to calcified deposits. His inability to open his mouth made eating nearly impossible and put his life in jeopardy due to the risk of him choking to death if he ever vomited.

Today, thanks to his rescue organization, a huge outpouring of support from the community, a highly-skilled veterinarian, and a compassionate airline, those days are over, and Thor is back home and ready to embark on his new, healthy life.

Thor's intricate surgery, performed by veterinary surgeon Robert Runyan VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center, went so smoothly that he was allowed to fly back home yesterday with his his handler and foster caretaker, Teresa Downing.

Arctic German Shepherd Rescue kept their thousands of concerned fans apprised of Thor's travels back home yesterday on their Facebook page.

Suffice to say, their posts consistently expressed extreme gratitude to the many people who made Thor's incredible journey possible - especially the compassionate employees of Alaska Airlines.

Arctic German Shepherd Rescue has an important thought to share with regards to Thor, and other dogs like him:

I would like to stress to folks that there is a "Thor" in every rescue, they may not have a locked jaw but they do have a heartbreaking story of some kind.

Going on to encourage others to get involved as well:

It was a team effort. For folks out there who know of a dog being abused, neglected or abandoned, get involved, contact a rescue group, be willing to foster and be part of the solution in changing a dog's life.

It's one of the greatest blessing in life to see a dog come around to full health after being on death's door.

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