Abandoned Old Town terribly neglected German shepherd put to sleep

Abandoned Old Town terribly neglected German shepherd put to sleep

Through the kindness of Officer Deborah Holmes, at least Lily knew compassion and love for a little while. Lily was humanely euthanized because of cancer.

Jerry Thomas, 53, and his wife Kathy, 55, were charged with animal cruelty on Wednesday at the Old Town Police Department in Maine in what Officer Deborah Holmes called the worst case of animal neglect of a dog she has ever seen in her 26 years on the police force.

The Bangor Daily News highlighted the very sad story of a five-year-old German shepherd abandoned last weekend along Bennoch Road in the pouring rain. The dog was emaciated, had no fur on her back and her legs, was infected with ticks and fleas, and her nails were so long they had curled and became embedded into her paws.

With a lot of coaxing and some tasty food, Officer Holmes was able to encourage the suffering dog named Lily into the patrol car and transported her to the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinarian Clinic in Brewer where the dog was bathed, groomed, and medicated to make her more comfortable.

As the German shepherd's tragic story emerged on Facebook and social media, animal lovers and advocates offered donations and adoption opportunities.

Through witnesses, authorities were able to track down the Thomas couple as Lily's owners. Both have been charged with animal cruelty because of the long term neglect. The couple later admitted they were not able to care for the dog.

"That's not a legitimate excuse." stated Barbara Corcoran of Palm Beach County, Fla. "If you can't afford to take care of your dog, you don't just drop her off to suffer and die alone and scared; you buck up and take her to a shelter or call your vet and find out how you can at the very least put your best buddy down in a humane and loving way. I hope you two are punished to the max for being so heartless and cruel."

Sadly, on Wednesday Lily was humanely euthanized after veterinarians found her body full of cancer.

Rest in peace Lily.

The couple are scheduled to appear in court in July.

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