A tail of two kitties

A tail of two kitties
Bear was surrendered by her owner.

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This is the tale (tail) of two very different cats who ended up at the Nebraska Humane Society under very different circumstances.

Bear is an 11-year-old, long-haired brown tabby cat. Her owner was forced to give her up because the new apartment would not allow pets. Bear is front declawed and weighs 15 pounds. She was already spayed before coming to the shelter, but during her stay she has been microchipped, vaccinated and tested negative for the FeLV virus. She is a friendly cat who loves to hug and purr at the slightest provocation. She had a beauty day yesterday.

Butterfly was found near Nebraska City on the side of the road with two siblings. She had to wait in the stray kennels but was not claimed. She is just five months old but big enough to be spayed today. She was bathed and brushed in the shelter’s grooming room in preparation for a new home. She has been vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative for the FeLV virus.

Butterfly is a cream-colored tabby cat who is cute as can be. The real surprise comes when you turn her around. Is she sitting on her tail, or is it curled around her in some way that it blends in with her coat? Nope, she is a Manx cat. She has an enticing little bobbed tail. The tail was originally the result of a genetic mutation, but now many people seek out these adorable little cats. Butterfly was gearing up to go to the Oakview PetSmart, 3103 Oak View Drive.

For more information about cuddly, senior cat Bear or playful, Manx kitten Butterfly, visit www.nehumanesociety.org.

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