A long distance rescue

A long distance rescue
Dezi needs your help

In a pound that does not adopt dogs to the public, and gasses any dog that is not claimed by their owner, sat a tiny scared little girl. She was infested with fleas, her skin red and infected from the many flea bites, and she had recently had a litter of puppies. She had four days to live.

Her eyes told a story of sadness, she had given up.

But over 1,000 miles away, her plight was noticed, and a rescue mission had begun. Safehaven Small Breed Rescue in conjunction with Pekingese Charitable Foundation, were on the job, working to free her from the inevitable fate of any dog that enters this pound.

On her fourth day, her last day, she was saved from death, seen by a vet, and started her healing process. But she is still in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The task of finding transport for her to Erie, PA -1,052 miles away - a seemingly impossible feat, had begun.

Luckily, a transport company has agreed to help little Dezi get home, but she must be ready to go on April 18th. The cost, $439. Not much considering the price of gasoline. Not much to be given a second chance at a life, but a lot for a small rescue with limited funds. Was Dezi’s life saved, only to be homeless again? We are running out of time.

Thanks to the donations of the public, Dezi is closer than ever to finding her ride to PA, with donations totaling $255. A ChipIn fund has been set up to help with the transportation costs. Won’t you help little Dezi have the life she so deserves? Every penny counts!