A grant to Southeastern Guide Dogs depends on donations

A grant to Southeastern Guide Dogs depends on donations

People needing a canine companion to live an independent life learn how to handle a guide dog at Southeastern Guide Dogs’ main campus located in Palmetto, Fla.

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Southeastern Guide Dogs, in need of a new and improved canine assessment kennel, has received a challenge grant from Keith G. Hirst, a philanthropist giving a helping hand to outstanding nonprofit organizations. Hirst is offering Southeastern Guide Dogs matching funds for every dollar donated, up to $500,000, for the building of a new canine assessment center on the organization’s campus in Palmetto, Fla.

Southeastern Guide Dogs, a nonprofit organization, provides guide dogs to people with visual impairments and other disabilities to allow them to live an independent life with a canine companion. The organization focuses on bringing together an approved applicant and one of its dogs to complement each other and teaches how to handle and care for the dog. It also finds adopters for the dogs that cannot serve any longer as guide dogs and service dogs in order to give them a forever home.

The planned 5,000 square feet Keith G. Hirst Canine Assessment Center will be a larger and more innovative facility than the current one to provide better care, socialization and training for the future guide dogs and allow the staff to work more efficiently. The canine assessment center serves as a facility to conduct medical screenings as well as temperament and intelligence evaluations for each dog that will enter the formal harness training to become a competent and dependable guide dog.

Hirst will donate half of the estimated cost for Southeastern Guide Dogs’ new assessment center, which is $1 million, as a challenge grant. Supporters of Southeastern Guide Dogs can make donations online at: http://www.supportguidedogs.org/donate-now.php

Southeastern Guide Dogs is located at 4210 77th Street East in Palmetto. For information about the organization, log on to its website at: http://www.guidedogs.org/, or call: 941-729-5665.

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