A GMC, two Salukis and the road

A GMC, two Salukis and the road
Zoe waits for us to drive off in the GMC Acadia Denali

Traveling tails with two Salukis from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada for dogs shows, a hotel review and more. This time Zoe and Lexi are traveling in a GMC Acadia Denali. The GMC Acadia is ranked the number one safest car for traveling with pets. After traveling the highways with this vehicle, I can see why. The Acadia has an extremely comfortable and smooth ride. There are three zones of air conditioning in the car. The windows are tinted so people cannot see in and pets are kept cool. Of course XM radio is an added letting one go back in time to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Am I dating myself? In addition there is a great navigation system.

On this trip both Zoe and Lexi settled right into the Acadia. Each had their bucket seat while suitcases and dog show and art paraphernalia were stored in the back of the car.

Except for one stop at the outlets in Cabazon the trip was uneventful. In fact I sleep the majority of the trip. Do not worry I was not sleeping at the wheel. My husband was designated driver.

We pulled into Mesa, Arizona to stay at the Windemere for three days of Saluki Specialties. I hate to say it but the GMC got the better end of the deal by staying in the parking lot and not in the room. This is the most disgusting room I have ever stayed in. Very filthy accommodations with towels that are so worn they practically fell apart as you dry yourself. The dogs thought ill of it too. One afternoon we discovered one of them deposited a wonderful gift in of all places the middle of the bathtub.

The inclement weather did not make for a fun dog show. Wet dogs and cold weather is not a recipe for winning. Instead you have shivering dogs that roach their backs. Considering the climate, Zoe took a Best in Sweeps, a 2nd in one of her other classes and both made the cut on several of the days. For those of you not familiar with dog showing making the cut in a large entry show is a good feat.

As the weather cleared up, the GMC and the dogs readied themselves for the next leg of our adventure, the Arizona Biltmore. We went from the dive hotel to grand style in this architecturally magnificent hotel. We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore so I could write a review on this pet friendly hotel in addition to an article on the history and artistry.

Now to add a twist to the mix, the girls’ human daddy received a job offer on Sunday at 6 pm requesting he begin the next morning. Try arranging a flight to leave in one hour. Needless to say he flew out the following evening, missing the more exciting and luxurious part of the vacation. My hubby got one hour of relaxation at the Biltmore with his girls as well as a nice dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Frank and Albert’s.

Meanwhile the GMC received nice parking accommodations overlooking the canal and under a tree to keep the dogs shaded when logistics made it necessary for them to be car bound.

The dogs were pampered in everyway by the hotel’s staff, guests and the accommodations. The Arizona Biltmore is Art Deco in design and Salukis fit into the period due to their sleek elegant lines.

Zoe and Lexi made two new friends, Bill and Coo, who greeted them every time they passed through the lobby. Bill and Coo are the hotel’s Cockatiels. Zoe and Lexi developed a fascination for them.

In a nutshell both girls loved their stay at the Arizona Biltmore and you can guess there will be a stellar review forthcoming.

Stay tuned for more adventures at the Arizona Biltmore, Las Vegas and the trip home.