5-week-old blind puppy found half frozen needs help with vet expenses

5-week-old blind puppy found half frozen needs help with vet expenses

5-week-old Trooper was found half frozen

A puppy found half frozen over the weekend is in need of help, Abby's Animal Angels reported on their Facebook page January 6.

The little 5-week-old puppy was found by a wonderful rescuer last week. The puppy,now named Trooper, was half frozen, stiff and unresponsive when he was found out in the cold. He's a sweet little guy with a tremendous spirit, despite his many health issues.

Abby's Animal Angels, an upstate South Carolina rescue renowned for taking in the toughest cases, is now in charge of Trooper's care.

It's believed little Trooper has been without his mom a good while now, making it amazing that he survived at all. Trooper is blind, has a severe staph infection, and is a bit wobbly when he walks. Abby's Animal Angels isn't sure whether his gait is the result of neurological damage from the cold, the staff infection, or from being unable to see where he's going.

Trooper has a long way to go until he's ready for a forever home. Until that time, the care he'll receive while under the care of Abby's Animal Angel's will be top notch. His vet bills will all be covered, and he'll live in a foster home environment until he's ready to move on to a happier life.

Even with all of his medical problems, Trooper loves to cuddle and loves to be talked to. He has an amazing will to live.

A donation page has been set up at GoFundMe, and since Abby's Animal Angels is a 501c3 nonprofit rescue, all donations are tax deductible.

Please remember to bring your pets in when the temperature drops to a dangerous level. It's not rocket science to know when it's too cold for your pets to remain outside. Local news media has done an excellent job in letting people know when pets should be inside.

Abby's Animal Angels is well known for taking in the worst cases of abuse and neglect. They treat the injury and worry about the financial part later and they do this because they know the animal lovers who follow their rescue will come through for them. Please donate if you can, and share Trooper's story.

What happened to Trooper should never have happened in the first place. It's sad that so many dogs have been reported frozen during the past week. Use your brain, readers. If you're cold outside, chances are your dog is also cold.