3-month-old tabby family needs out of high-kill shelter before time runs out

3-month-old tabby family needs out of high-kill shelter before time runs out

Amarillo, Abilene & Dallas

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Update in foster, need rescue or adoption

According to Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue, this family is out of time at the high-kill shelter. More information can be found on this Facebook thread.

The shelter in Greenville, South Carolina is full. This family is out of time, and may have only hours or days left.

Time up NOW!!
NAME: Amarillo, Abilene, & Dallas
ANIMAL ID: 23284631-4621-4612
SEX: 2 female 1 male
EST. AGE: 3 mos
Est Weight: 2.3-2.10 lbs
Temperament: friendly
RESCUE PULL FEE: $49(each)

If you can find it in your heart to save this cute family, please contact Greenville County Animal Care Services by email at [email protected] Be sure to put the pet name and ID in the subject line of your email.

Please share this article with friends in rescue, foster or who are looking to adopt a special pet. Social media has saved millions of shelter pets. Let's do our part to be sure this baby gets the chance at a forever home.

Greenville County Pet Rescue on Facebook does an excellent job in listing dogs and cats in their care. Not only does the shelter take in strays and owner surrenders from the Greenville area, they also take in cats and dogs brought in by Spartanburg.

Greenville County Animal Care Services isn't allowed to turn an animal away for lack of space. This alone puts a cat or dog in danger, especially if it's an owner surrender, meaning the holding period as required by law doesn't apply.

The total number of dogs and cats taken into their facility runs around 20,000 per year. The heaviest turn-in period for cats is during kitten season.

When the shelter is full, dogs and cats may die, simply for lack of room to house them until a rescue or adoption can take place. It doesn't matter what age, as even puppies and kittens are at risk of being killed when there's nowhere to put them.

You can be part of the solution by having your cat or dog spayed or neutered, or by adopting from the shelter.

Not sure whether you want the responsibility of a pet? Then apply to foster a deserving dog or cat until a forever home can be found. Contact the shelter for more information on their foster programs.

If you can't help a cat or dog by offering a loving home, you can sponsor an animal by clicking here. This enables a rescue to save the pet without any out of pocket expenses to the shelter.