18 days to raise $1,435.00 for new TNR effort; will you help?

18 days to raise $1,435.00 for new TNR effort; will you help?

Community Cats need your help

Sarasota, FL - SW Florida has come a long way in their efforts to accommodate the feral cats in our midst. The efforts involved include several approaches including general education of the public as to the benefits of supporting these “community cats” as well as cutting down on their numbers through spay and neuter programs.

More than one group is dedicating at least a portion of their time, efforts, and resources to this cause; unfortunately there is more than enough need to go around and Cat Depot is now stepping up to help with yet another phase of support for felines in addition to their ongoing dedicated adoption and education efforts. Their latest newsletter (received 9/11/13) included this information:

Cat Depot is preparing to test in-house TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) efforts for community cats. Additional TNR resources are needed in our community and Cat Depot is passionate to help. In the last 30 days, Cat Depot was awarded two grants to help fund the surgeries. To begin, however, we need two additional surgery packs - and unfortunately, they are not cheap. With a little help from everyone, we can begin the project of helping our community cats and the kittens who are born into often precarious and life-threatening situations. Please help us make this giant step into TNR by helping us raise the final $1,435 needed. Go to GulfCoastGives.com to donate. We have only 18 days left to raise the funds and take a giant step forward for TNR. Thank you for your help to get us there.

Assuming the 18 day clock began ticking on this delivery date, the absolute fund-raising deadline looks like 9/29/13. So what will you do to help?

  • High School Key Clubs: how much could you raise in roughly two weeks?
  • Anybody having an end-of-summer yard sale and care to earmark all or some of the profits for this cause?
  • Could you possibly use your social networking contacts to raise funds?
  • What if you'd print this article out and post it in your workplace or veterinarian’s office?
  • How about just going old school and writing a check for whatever you can afford to give on your own?

Whatever you can do, please do it quickly. The cats are out there in need and their angels are prepared to help… as soon as they have a little help from their community. That means you. Thanks.